Website User Experience Analysis

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Website User Experience Analysis – Knowing What Goes On Inside Your Website Can Mean Bigger Business

Web page user experience (UX) is the study of the techniques and approaches used by users to explore and interact with a website. They use their cognitive psychology skills to “read” the content on a website, be it in its design or content itself. They use their sense of sight, sound, touch, taste, smell, hearing, and memory to find out about a website, how to navigate it, and what the potential for this particular website is. A high search engine ranking is often tied in with a high user-experience score. Using these 2 factors together, you can have a higher ranking, a lower cost to your customers, and more web traffic than you could have ever hoped for. An understanding of the structure of a website user experience analysis, and the benefits that it brings to an organization can result in a better, more profitable website.


So, how does a website user experience analysis work? Well, what do you think? Well, a website user experience analysis is not just about what the website looks like, the color scheme, or the graphic effects. What does it actually look like, is the website’s structure, the structure of its content, the design of it’s navigation system, and even how users learn to interact with the website. This allows the user to form an opinion of the website and decide whether it is suitable for them or not. The first step in any successful user experience analysis is to identify what does a website contain and how does a person on the website react to it.

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For example, in order to perform a website user experience analysis for an insurance website, it would be necessary to analyze the content on the website, to see if there is an argument between the insurance company and the policyholders or not. Does a policyholder have an obligation to have a certain level of coverage or not? How can the insurer to prove to the policyholder that he or she is covered by the insurance policy? Is the policy of coverage based upon income alone or does it also include things like credit history, debt, assets, or other assets? What does a policyholder have to do in order to make his or her claims? And what constitutes a claim? By analyzing this content, you are able to identify the parts of the website that is controversial and cause the insurer or the policyholder problems, and why.

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